A Dreamer’s Reality



As our whole class loaded onto the bus, I almost felt like I was a little girl in elementary school all over again. It was the first time this semester that a field trip really felt like a field trip. As soon as Laila’s dad introduced himself, I knew he was going to be a great host. He started off the trip by sharing stories, and they served as the perfect prequel to our main event – meeting the 1,000+ year old Great Oak, or as I like to call her, Grandma Tree. Grandma Tree ¬†was everything they said she would be – grand, beautiful, and above all, magical. I felt like we were instant friends. Once we said goodbye to the lovely Grandma Tree, we headed off to see some authentic Indian huts. They were beyond cool, and looking back, I wish I got a selfie in one of them. Overall, the trip was a major success and I’m so happy to have had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Pechanga.